Bombardier DeHavilland Dash 8 DHC-8 -400 (Q400)

Plane Diagram

Bombardier DeHavilland Dash 8 DHC-8 -400 (Q400)

FAA STC/PMA Approved De-icers
  Qty UTC/BFG P/N Location  
1 SMR5277-11 Wing Extension LH
1 SMR5277-12 Wing Extension RH
1 SMR5277-09 Wing Outbd LH
1 SMR5277-10 Wing Outbd RH
1 SMR5277-07 Center Wing Outbd LH
1 SMR5277-08 Center Wing Outbd RH
1 SMR5277-05 Center Wing Inbd LH
1 SMR5277-06 Center Wing Inbd RH
1 SMR5277-03 Wing Inbd LH
1 SMR5277-04 Wing Inbd RH
1 SMR5277-01 Center Wing LH (Fus-Nac)
1 SMR5277-02 Center Wing RH (Fus-Nac)
1 SMR5277-15 Horizontal Stab Outbd LH
1 SMR5277-16 Horizontal Stab Outbd RH
1 SMR5277-13 Horizontal Stab Inbd LH
1 SMR5277-14 Horizontal Stab Inbd RH
1 SMR5277-17 Vertical Fin


STC/AML Documentation


Wing Boot

  • 48 hour delivery for Standard Boots and 72 hour delivery for PSA boots in the Continental US and ground shipments to Canada.
  • Interchangeable with existing de-icers.
  • Fully Compatible with existing air supply systems.
Aircraft Bombardier DeHavilland Dash 8 DHC-8 -400 (Q400)
Classification Wing Boot
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