Propeller Ice Protection Prop Boot De-icing

How Ice Shield Prop De-ice Boots Work

Ice Shield® propeller deice boots prevent ice from forming on your propeller by heating the root of each blade on a "90-second on, 90-second off" cycle. Ice Shield offers propeller anti-icing systems with wire-wound patterns and etched foil designs. The wire-round pattern was created for thinner blades and the etched foil designs for maximum durability and longevity.

The icing of a propeller can be catastrophic to pilots and passengers. Trust the safety of your flights with Ice SHield propeller de-ice boots. Ice Shield has been creating high-quality de-icing products  for owners and operators since 1998. All products are accompanied with a No-Hassle Warranty and are designed to survive the harshest wintery conditions.


Features and Benefits


  • No 60–90 day lead times — All ptoducts are guaranteed to deliver within 48-hours in the continental US and to US-based freight forwarders
  • Quick installation


  • Wire-wound patterns and etched foil designs available
  • Tapered edge design for easy application and superior aerodynamic transition
  • Textured bond surface for excellent adhesion
  • Built to survive rain and sand erosion with Aeroguard™ surface technology


  • No-hassle warranty
  • Easy, direct access to technical support
  • Best value for prop boots

Ice Shield Propeller De-icers

Compatability and Certifications

Ice Shield propeller de-ice boots are interchangeable with OEM parts and FAA PMA approved. Please see our complete list of propeller de-icers for eligibility.