Piper Saratoga, PA-32

Ice Shield™ De-Icing Systems now offers Piper Sartoga
owners a full De-ice System for the PA-32 Model.

Wing De-Icers

Ice Shield™ Wing De-icers work by inflating and deflating tubular channels in the boots. Both the inflate and deflate cycles shed ice.

  • Immediate Activiation
  • Proven Strength and Longevity
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Increases safety
Wing Boot Kit
14 Volt SMR9065-16
28 Volt SMR9065-17
Wing Boots
SMR9065-01 LH Inboard
SMR9065-01 RH Inboard
SMR9065-03 LH Center
SMR9065-04 RH Center
SMR9065-05 LH Stabilator
SMR9065-06 RH Stabilator
SMR9065-07 Vertical Fin
SMR9065-33 LH Outboard
SMR9065-34 RH Outboard

Propeller De-Icers

Ice Shield™ propeller boots heat the root of each blade for on a 90-second on, 90-second off cycle to prevent ice buildup.

  • Tapered edge for easy installation
  • Aeroguard™ surface technology for increase element protection
  • Textured bond surface for superior adhesion
Piper Saratoga Propeller De-Icer
Prop Boot Kit
14 Volt SMR9065-14
28 Volt SMR9065-15

Ice Viewing Light

The Ice Viewing light in this system illuminates the left wing for IMC or night flight.

Piper Saratoga Ice Viewing Light
Ice Viewing Light Kit
14 Volt SMR9065-24
28 Volt SMR9065-25

Heated Windshield Panel

This heated panel works as an anti-icer to provide forward vision.

Piper Saratoga Heated Windshield Panel
Heated Windshield Panel
14 Volt SMR9065-30
28 Volt SMR9065-31

System Configurator

Ice Shield™ De-icing Systems has created a configurator for
owners to select their own system.

Please begin by selecting your aircraft to configure your de-ice system:

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System Eligibility

Serial Number Eligibility
Aircraft Model # Saratoga Model 14 Volt S/N 28 Volt S/N
PA-32R-301T Saratoga II TC N/A 3257002-Up
PA-32R-301T Turbo Saratoga SP 32R-8029001 thru 29121
32R-8129001 thru 29114
32R-8229001 thru 29068
32R-8929001 thru 29040
32R-8429001 thru 29027
32R-8529001 thru 29020
32R-8629001 thru 29006
3229001 thru 03
PA-32R-301 Saratoga II HP 3213042 thru 3213125 3246019-Up
N/A Saratoga SP 32R-8013001 thru 13139
32R-8113001 thru 13122
32R-8213001 thru 13060
32R-8313001 thru 13029
32R-8413001 thru 13024
32R-8513001 thru 13016
32R-8613001 thru 13005
3213001 thru 41
PA-32-301 Saratoga 32-8006001 thru 06106
32-8106001 thru 06099
32-8206001 thru 06040
32-8306001 thru 06031
32-8406001 thru 06019
32-8506001 thru 06021
32-8606001 thru 06023
3206001 and up
PA-32-301T Turbo Saratoga 32-8024001 thru 24052
32-8124001 thru 24034
32-8224001 thru 24010
32-8324001 thru 24013
32-8424001 thru 24002
PA-32-301FT Piper 6X N/A 3232001-Up
PA-32-301XTC Piper 6XT N/A 3255001-Up

Kit Part Numbers
Wing Boot
Heated Prop
Ice Viewing
Light Kit
Heated Windshield
Panel Kit
14 Volt SMR9065-11 SMR9065-16 SMR9065-14 SMR9065-24 SMR9065-30
28 Volt SMR9065-12 SMR9065-17 SMR9065-15 SMR9065-25 SMR9065-31

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a non-hazard system?

An aircraft with a non-hazard de-icing system is provided with supplemental safety features for use during inadvertent icing encounter, while determining and executing the best available exit from those conditions. SMR's offering for the Saratoga is a non-hazard, de-ice system.

What is the difference between a FIKI and a non-hazard de-ice system?

Actual icing flight tests are much more substantial for a FIKI certification. In addition, FIKI requirements include redundant electrical and vacuum systems, heated stall indicator vanes and flutter analysis of the airframe.

Is this a FIKI system?

No. SMR is offering a non-hazard de-ice system for the Saratoga. There are two primary reasons for the selection of the non-hazard system:
  1. A customer survey performed by SMR told us that our customers are interested more in safely exiting inadvertent icing conditions than in purposely entering known icing conditions.
  2. The cost of the system would have been approximately 40% higher if a FIKI certification had been pursued.

What is FIKI?

It is a de-icing system certified for Flight Into Known Icing. With such a system, a PIC can enter any forecast or actual reported icing environments. However, please note that there are icing phenomena that can exceed the ability of any known icing system, so pilot judgment is critical, just as it in many areas of decision making.

How do I decide whether I can fly in icing conditions?

This is a complicated decision, involving many variables. A pilot must consider FAA regulations, current and forecast conditions along with aircraft condition and personal minimums.

What advantage does a non-hazard de-ice system provide, other than the obvious 'get out of jail' (aid while exiting icing) support?

The pilot is provided more flexibility and security in flight planning. As most pilots who fly in the northern regions during wintry conditions know, AIRMET’s for icing are issued regularly. However, a pilot might reasonably launch on a trip on a day when an AIRMET is issued for 8,000 MSL and above, but encounter icing at 6,000. In such a case, the non-hazard de-ice system provides supplemental safety features for use during inadvertent icing encounter, while determining and executing the best available exit from those conditions.

Why would I need a de-icing system at all?

This is a personal choice, but the benefits provided by SMR's non-hazard de-icing system include additional security when ice is inadvertently encountered, immediate activation, light-weight and non-corrosive operation. In addition, the value of the aircraft will increase by some portion of the system cost.

How much does the total system weigh?

58 pounds.

Is there a speed reduction?

A reduction in speed, if any, would be negligible. Maximum loss would be 1-2 knots, based on conditions.

How does the system compare to the TKS™, weeping wings system?

  Weight? Activation? Corrosive? FIKI?
Ice Shield 58# Immediate No No
TKS 81# Up to 20 min Yes No

How long will installation take?

One to two weeks, depending upon other services customer may wish to be performed during downtime.

Where will the installation be accomplished?

At Tiffin Aire, Inc., a well-known and respected FBO in NW Ohio.

Does the quoted price include installation?


Can I have other services accomplished during the installation without lengthening downtime?

Yes. You should work with Tiffin Aire to arrange details. Billing for supplemental services will be done by Tiffin Aire, separate from the de-ice system billing. Contact number is 1-419-447-4263, 1-800-553-7767, or 1-800-458-2487.

What is necessary to begin the purchase process?

First, please call us at 1-800-767-6899 or visit the configurator on our website at www.iceshield.com/saratoga to determine your preferred configuration.

Next, SMR will provide you with a pro-forma invoice for approval, and will schedule an input date for you with Tiffin Aire.

Finally, SMR will collect a $1,000 deposit, and will set the wheels in motion.

What are the payment terms?

$1,000 down payment to complete the booking process, and balance due at delivery of the aircraft back to the owner.

What is the warranty on the system?

Click here to see our system Warranty.

Piper Saratoga PA-32

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