Gulfstream Twin Commander 720

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Gulfstream Twin Commander 720

FAA requires both sides of the aircraft to be installed at the same time. Sets only sold in pairs for this aircraft.

FAA STC/PMA Approved De-icers
  Qty UTC/BFG P/N Location  
1 SMR2015-8-1 Brk-Tip LH
1 SMR2015-9-1 Brk-Tip LH
1 SMR2015-5-1 Nac-Brk LH
1 SMR2015-1-1 Nac-Brk LH
1 SMR2015-9-2 Brk-Tip RH
1 SMR2015-1-2 Nac-Brk RH
1 SMR2015-7-1 Vertical Fin
1 SMR2015-3-1 Horz Stab LH
1 SMR2015-3-2 Horz Stab RH


STC/AML Documentation


Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement

Airplane Flight Manual Supplements

Wing Boot

  • 48 hour delivery for Standard Boots and 72 hour delivery for PSA boots in the Continental US and ground shipments to Canada.
  • Laboratory proven to last 3 to 5 times longer than competitor's tube type design.
  • Same footprint so there are no exposed areas needing backfill or painting.
Aircraft Gulfstream Twin Commander 720
Classification Wing Boot
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